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Our History

Anointed Minds Preparatory was founded on July 7, 2000 with a vision of helping students achieve through dedication, motivation, and inspiration. Our graduates have successfully transitioned into colleges,technical schools, the armed services, fortune 500 companies,and entrepreneurship across the United States and abroad.


Anointed Minds aim to create an environment of learning where each student 's passion for knowledge and creativity may flourish.

Our program is built on high academic standards. Students follow a comprehensive program with hands-on instruction for each individual in a small group setting. The goal is to develop multi-skilled, independent thinkers who possess confidence and competence in every arena of life.


Anointed Minds is SACS accredited.


First and foremost we believe in the Trinity:God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. We believe that, being born again, we represent Christ and we work together with a spirit of love and community.